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Dec 5, 2016
The NJ Real Estate Show, a weekly radio show hosted by real estate veteran Tim Waller, sat down with Get A Rate's very own Executive Vice President, Nick Markenoski, to talk about: Mortgage Loan Options Millennials Rent vs. Buy Arguement Affordability What To Consider Current Rates Presidential Election Impact On Rates And Much More! Listen to a compelling interview with Nick sharing his own...
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Dec 1, 2016
We're proud to announce that Get A Rate moved into a new office space. It's literally just around the corner from our previous location off of Route 46.We owe our company success to you - our amazing clients and friends. You are the heart of our business and we love you for it!   Our New Office & Address 200 Riverfront Blvd.First FloorElmwood Park, NJ 07407      We're incredibly excited...
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Nov 10, 2016
[Access to our True Affordability Calculator at the end of post] If you're puzzled about the whole "how much home can I afford?" question, you've actually stumbled on what seems to be an elusive topic. Get A Rate did a study asking over 300 first time homebuyers and the statistics were mind boggling: 1st Time Homebuyer Statistics 38% Have no financial plan 79% Have no financial advisor to turn...
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Oct 21, 2016
By Michael Sema, CEO of Get A Rate A New Take On The American Dream Of Buying A Home   The American Dream of being a homeowner could be one of two things: An incredible accomplishment or An absolute nightmare Unfortunately, it's a decision millions of Americans regret making every year, and it's all because they trusted the wrong team of professionals to guide, teach and help them throughout...
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Oct 6, 2016
When it comes to closings costs, it’s never a fun feeling when you’re not prepared. No one likes to be surprised by a high utility bill or unplanned house upkeep expenses. Being fully prepared financially and mentally right from the start helps to minimize those oh so (not) pleasant surprises. The #2 Most Asked Question After the #1 most asked question of “How Much Home Can I Afford?”, ...
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