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2.920 % 2.990 %
0.030 %
0.030 %
3.270 % 3.430 %
0.080 %
0.080 %
3.125 % 3.249 %
0.125 %
0.095 %
3.250 % 3.477 %
0.000 %
0.010 %
3.125 % 3.311 %
0.000 %
0.010 %

*The 30-YR fixed rates are based on website advertised rates and are based on certain loan amounts, loan to value ratios, debt ratio, state, property type, loan purpose, and a few more things. More here

Mortgage Rate Quotes are not guaranteed if you do not meet Get A Rates criteria and other factors bearing on your creditworthiness (including acceptable property collateral, income and employment history). Monthly payments do not include property taxes, property insurance, and homeowners association dues. Your exact loan’s interest rate and payments will depend upon the term of your loan, your credit history, and other qualifying factors. Loans valid for the refinance or purchase of an owner-occupied residence. Loan amounts must be at or under conforming loan limits within your state and county. Rate subject to change depending on time of rate lock. 

Offer not valid for subordinate simultaneous closings and only applicable for first-lien mortgage loans. Offer exclusively waives Get A Rate retained fees, including origination, underwriting, processing, or administrative fees. Offer not applicable for discount points, or any third-party settlement service fees, such as Title, Settlement, Appraisal, Credit report, Commissions, or other similar settlement provider fees. 

Get A Rate is a trademark of Get A Rate LLC.   Sample rate as of %s. Interest rate based on a %s purchase loan amount with a 30-year fixed-rate and %s APR at 75% loan-to-value (LTV) is a monthly payment of %s with %s discount points.

*Zillow Inc dba Zillow Group Sample rate as of 10/26/2021. Interest rate based on a $300,000 loan amount with a 30-year fixed-rate and 2.990% APR at 75% loan-to-value (LTV) is a monthly payment of $1,263.19.   

*Quicken® is a trademark of Quicken Loans Inc., DBA Rocket Mortgage, a subsidiary of Rock Holdings Inc. Sample rate as of 10/26/2021.  Interest rate based on a $214,000 loan amount with a 30-year fixed-rate and 3.477% APR at 75% loan-to-value (LTV) is a monthly payment of $923.80 with 1.750% discount points. 

*Wells Fargo® is a trademark of Wells Fargo & Company. Sample rate as of 10/26/2021. Interest rate based on a $200,000 loan amount with a 30-year fixed-rate and 3.249% APR at 75% loan-to-value (LTV) is a monthly payment of $857.00 with 0.500% discount points. 

*Bankrate® is a trademark of Bankrate, LLC. Sample rates as of 10/26/2021. According to Bankrate’s latest survey of the nation’s largest mortgage lenders, the benchmark 30-year fixed mortgage rate is 3.270% with an APR of 3.430% . 

*CitiMortgage® is a trademark of CitiGroup Inc. Sample rate as of 10/26/2021. Interest rate based on a $150,000 loan amount with a 30-year fixed-rate and 3.311%  APR at 75% loan-to-value (LTV) is a monthly payment of $642.00  with 1.250% discount points. 

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