Adjustable Rate Mortgage

Is An Adjustable Rate Mortgage Right For You?

thumbnail-13-300x300Many people prefer adjustable rate mortgages for a variety of reasons:

Adjustable mortgage rates aren’t for everyone. There’s always the risk inherent of changing interest rates – your payments could go up, even if interest rates don’t. Comparing risks and benefits of adjustable mortgage rates with a professional consultation from a reputable lender like Get A Rate is key.





How Does An Adjustable Mortgage Rate Work?

An adjustable mortgage rate is different from a fixed rate mortgage because adjustable interest rates change from time to time while the fixed rates are locked for the duration of your loan (unless, you – the borrower – chooses to refinance). These mortgage rate fluctuations are typically tied to an index.

A professional NY mortgage and NJ mortgage company – like the folks here at Get A Rate – can help you navigate different payment options, indexes, and margins so you can compare a variety of ARMs or an ARM with a fixed rate mortgage and how each would affect your monthly payment. An adjustable mortgage rate offers lower New York mortgage rates and New Jersey mortgage rates along with flexible payment options in return for the risk that payments may increase in the future, so keep in mind that you can never completely know the whole picture when comparing the two.


Mortgage-300x300What Is An ARM Index?

An index is a measure of interest rates, to which the lender adds a margin based on the terms of the loan (the margin is pretty much constant throughout the duration of the loan). The changes to monthly payment are limited by the “cap,” which controls the risk of wide fluctuations in interest rates.

Talk to a Get A Rate local home loan specialist to find out whether an ARM is right for you. Get A Rate has a long and impressive track record of exceptional service (check out awesome reviews from our satisfied customers!), and our seasoned mortgage experts will provide you with fast, easy, and convenient solutions for your New York or New Jersey home loan needs.

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