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Mortgage Rates

30 Year Fix3.75%$8953.819%
30 Year FHA3.375%$8953.897%
30 Year VA 3.375%$8953.552%

15 Year Fix 2.875%$8953.010%
15 Year Fix FHA2.875%$8953.045%
15 Year Fix VA2.875%$8953.105%

5/1 ARM2.875%$8953.057%

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Get a quote in 30 seconds click hereGet a rate quote in 30 seconds! Answer a few questions and pick a loan option that works best for you.

Get A Rate (formerly Amber Sky Home Mortgage) is a locally-licensed, direct-lending New York and New Jersey mortgage company. We provide competitive mortgage rates to get you into a new home or help you save money on your current mortgage, and we make the mortgage application process fast, easy, and convenient.

Because we’re experienced mortgage loan originators, we can present you with a bunch of valuable loan options and mortgage solutions, including FHAVA Loans, Fixed Rate Mortgages, Reverse MortgagesAdjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM), Construction Loans, Jumbo Loans and many others that most banks and those big online lenders don’t work with, don’t offer, and can’t deliver.

We can hook you up with an online personal rate quote for a NY or NJ mortgage in less than 60 seconds, or you can connect with a local mortgage banker at our Elmwood Park, NJ office for a fast mortgage pre-approval.

(FYI, our pre-approval process takes only a couple of hours. The banks and big online lenders? 24 to 48 hours, at least!)
Contact a Get A Rate mortgage expert or call 866-955-5655 to start your mortgage pre-approval process!

Buying A Home

callout-online-preapproval11 One of the first steps to buying a house is getting a mortgage pre-approval from a NJ mortgage company.  The pre-approval allows you to know how much you qualify to borrow before you start looking for your dream home.  Once you secure this part of the home buying process, you can find a real estate agent who can show you homes you can afford.

Start the process by filling out a quick online application or you can stop by our Elmwood Park office to speak with a Get A Rate mortgage expert.


Get a quote in 30 seconds click hereGet a rate quote in 30 seconds! Answer a few questions and pick a loan option that works best for you.

You can save money on your mortgage over the life of your home loan with a refinance. This refinance can be a…

•  cash-out refinance on your mortgage
•  a refinance of your current rate and term

To get an idea of what your monthly refinanced mortgage payments would be, use our payment calculator, which will also show you an amortization schedule over the life of your mortgage.

Whether it’s to consolidate your debt, pay off your home loan faster, or take advantage of better rates, contact a Get A Rate mortgage expert at our Elmwood Park, NJ office to get your refinance rolling!




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